Long Island Iced Tea

LONG ISLAND Iced Tea Recipe

History of alcoholic beverages that fall into this category of cocktail appears in the range of 1960 (taken from several sources) from uncle sam country. It is not known exactly who started, but clearly this concoction made ​​by the bartenders at the time. Some of these recipes might be able to increase knowledge for the curious about the long island iced tea.

LONG ISLAND Iced Tea Recipe (basic)

30 ml Rum
30 ml Tequilla
30 ml Vodka
30 ml Triple Sec
30 ml Dry Gin
A splash of Coke

how to mix:
squeeze half a lemon until the water got into round glass
continue to mix all the above recipe
enter your ice cubes taste
also continued to pour coke to taste

STRONG LONG ISLAND Iced Tea Recipe (Indonesian)

50 ml of Arak (Indonesian real alcohol)
20 ml Rum
20 ml Tequilla
20 ml Vodka
20 ml Triple Sec
20 ml Dry Gin
A splash of Coke

how to mix: same as the first.

Arak Bali Indonesian (More subtle taste)
Indonesian Java Arak (Taste harder), Add more ice for this species.

Please try.


otak otak bandeng kota gresik

Recipes "Otak-Otak" typical food from gresik city

This dish is great demand by many people. not only limited to local people. fish-based, and that makes it special is .. when ready to eat fish is not spiked! Yummy .. meat that has been issued and hold the meat plus fish mixed with spices that eventually included more steamed continue frying.

otak-otak recipe ingredients:
* milkfish 3 tail (weighing approximately 1.1 / 2 kg)
* coconut 3 / 4 seed
       Seasoning :
   - Hazelnut 7 seeds
   - Garlic 7biji
   - Red onion 7 seeds
   - Pepper to taste
   - Flavor according to taste
   - Sugar to taste.

how to cook :

- Removed fish scales.
-lower abdomen sliced ​​milkfish
-button-press in order to keep the meat tender meat is taken and removed thorns.
-important part: The tail and head banding should not be cut with the skin, keep in mind is also not to damage -the skin when you take his flesh.
-because the fish skin is used as wrapping the content.

- Coarse shredded coconut in a dry sanghae (known by the name "poyah")
- Walnut, garlic, red onion sauteed until cooked.
- Pepper puree
- Seasoning mashed (can be ground or use a mixer), mix seasoning, pepper, sugar, salt, poyah, fish meat to be somewhat dense.

The next process looks like when we want to cook a turkey on "thanksgiving day" .. so then reinsert it into the skin of whole fish. Steamed until cooked, continue frying. This dish can be served for 4 people. vegetables can be added as a sweetener dish, please try :)


Pudak from gresik - East Java

"Resep Pudak Gresik / Recipe Pudak gresik"

Pudak is typical of gresik foods other than otak-otak bandeng or the other.
With the sweet taste and has a distinctive scent betel leaf is certainly very tempting to be enjoyed.
Colors in the pudak also has a different flavor because it is made with different materials.

White Color    :   - rice based
Brown Color  :    - made from sago
Green Color   :   - can rice or sago, which distinguish the color of green is scented pandan. because it is the addition of pandan leaves in the cooking process.
At this time that my recipe show is a white. or are made from rice. recipes and how to make it please see below.

Recipe of Pudak Rice (White)

Material :
1 / 4 kg rice
150 g coconut rather young, peeled, grated lengthwise
100 g granulated sugar
1 / 2 teaspoon salt
1 / 4 tsp vanilla powder
betel leaves for wrapping

Method :
- wash the rice, rinse 2 to 3 times.
- miller / can use a blender or puree in the mash.
- Stir in
rice that has been refined with a material other woods until blended.
- Take 1 sheet and cut the betel leaf to taste, put 5 tablespoons dough then roll and fold the top edge.
- Arrange in a heat resistant container.
Steam for 35 minutes until cooked.
- Remove and allow to Cold.
- Serve it.

more or less could be 5

so, from now on u can try it by your self. and remember, dont blow your kitchen! :D
- kumpulan resep masakan indonesia -