otak otak bandeng kota gresik

Recipes "Otak-Otak" typical food from gresik city

This dish is great demand by many people. not only limited to local people. fish-based, and that makes it special is .. when ready to eat fish is not spiked! Yummy .. meat that has been issued and hold the meat plus fish mixed with spices that eventually included more steamed continue frying.

otak-otak recipe ingredients:
* milkfish 3 tail (weighing approximately 1.1 / 2 kg)
* coconut 3 / 4 seed
       Seasoning :
   - Hazelnut 7 seeds
   - Garlic 7biji
   - Red onion 7 seeds
   - Pepper to taste
   - Flavor according to taste
   - Sugar to taste.

how to cook :

- Removed fish scales.
-lower abdomen sliced ​​milkfish
-button-press in order to keep the meat tender meat is taken and removed thorns.
-important part: The tail and head banding should not be cut with the skin, keep in mind is also not to damage -the skin when you take his flesh.
-because the fish skin is used as wrapping the content.

- Coarse shredded coconut in a dry sanghae (known by the name "poyah")
- Walnut, garlic, red onion sauteed until cooked.
- Pepper puree
- Seasoning mashed (can be ground or use a mixer), mix seasoning, pepper, sugar, salt, poyah, fish meat to be somewhat dense.

The next process looks like when we want to cook a turkey on "thanksgiving day" .. so then reinsert it into the skin of whole fish. Steamed until cooked, continue frying. This dish can be served for 4 people. vegetables can be added as a sweetener dish, please try :)