Long Island Iced Tea

LONG ISLAND Iced Tea Recipe

History of alcoholic beverages that fall into this category of cocktail appears in the range of 1960 (taken from several sources) from uncle sam country. It is not known exactly who started, but clearly this concoction made ​​by the bartenders at the time. Some of these recipes might be able to increase knowledge for the curious about the long island iced tea.

LONG ISLAND Iced Tea Recipe (basic)

30 ml Rum
30 ml Tequilla
30 ml Vodka
30 ml Triple Sec
30 ml Dry Gin
A splash of Coke

how to mix:
squeeze half a lemon until the water got into round glass
continue to mix all the above recipe
enter your ice cubes taste
also continued to pour coke to taste

STRONG LONG ISLAND Iced Tea Recipe (Indonesian)

50 ml of Arak (Indonesian real alcohol)
20 ml Rum
20 ml Tequilla
20 ml Vodka
20 ml Triple Sec
20 ml Dry Gin
A splash of Coke

how to mix: same as the first.

Arak Bali Indonesian (More subtle taste)
Indonesian Java Arak (Taste harder), Add more ice for this species.

Please try.


  1. arak! wow.. its forbidden in some area

  2. you know what, seems you already knew about it.. but still great taste right ;)
    by the way im sorry late to give comment :D